Subhash Ghai Believes Only Anu Malik Can Compose A Song In 40 Seconds

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7:23 pm 5 Mar, 2016

Whenever one hears the name Anu Malik, this is what comes to mind:

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Honestly, he is much more than this. On a personal note, I love Anu Malik, his funkiness and euphoric style of composing made 90s music more colorful. The music of ‘Umrao Jaan’ (2006), ‘Jaan-e-man’ and ‘Yaadein’ prove his versatility.

Recently, Subhash Ghai praised the music director a bit too much and made it look like Anu Malik is the god of Indian music,which is so not true.

He said,

Anu Malik is the only composer in India, who can compose his song in 40 seconds. Have you ever met any such person? I challenge any composer who can compose a song in 40 seconds.



Point to be noted.

He added,

 You tell him to make a song on doori, you have just said the word and he will just start with it, because he breathes his music, he thinks in music, he lives with music, that is called the genuine music man, Anu Malik.


Now, we know why Anu Malik said this,

Subhash Ghai ended his speech with this,

He is a man with classical knowledge, he is a man with melodies, he is much deeper than what it looks on screen.

capture 3



Now, that’s deep.

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