19 Stupid Reasons Every Indian Girl Gives For Shopping

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4:00 pm 3 Oct, 2015

So girls, do you love shopping? From my experience I would say, I just need a single reason for shopping, and this is a similar case with most of the girls. Yes, we are girls and we love shopping but what about the reasons? You really need to scratch your heads and get a reason when your boyfriend, mom, dad, brother and friends keep constantly saying you, ‘Abhi to shopping ki thi, wapus kyu?’

1. I was bored, so I just thought I’d go shopping.

2. I just wanted to check the fresh arrivals!

3. I’m upset so just wanted to cheer myself up by shopping.

4. This month I earned some extra bonus from work.

5. The only thing I love to invest my money in is shopping.

6. I need a matching pair of shoes with my black jeans.

7. When it is summer season – “Summer collection is always awesome for me”. Six months later – “Monsoon collection has great discounts”.

Few months later – “Winters are always chill, and here I go shopping!”

8. It is my best friend’s birthday, so I need to buy a new dress!

9. First of every month = salary = enjoyment = shopping.

Right girls?

10. Because I just heard there is some mega discount offer and sale going on out there.

11. I just came to this area, so thought of grabbing a few clothes and shoes.

12. I simply want to revamp my wardrobe!

13. My friend recently hauled few clothes and cosmetics, so should I!

14. And this season – “I need shopping because Navratri/Durga Puja/Diwali is soon approaching.”

15. Because every time I have to go out, I have nothing to wear.

16. I just thought I’d take my mom for a walk and all I landed up in a shopping mall!

17. Because I don’t have white in my wardrobe!

18. I think Palazzo pants are the new fashion now and surely deserve a try.

19. Because shopping means the world to me!


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