Delhi Students Stab Teacher In Class For Expelling Them For Poor Attendance

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12:03 pm 27 Sep, 2016

Two Class 12 government school students stabbed their teacher to death on September 26, as the school had expelled one of them for poor attendance.

The teacher, identified as Mukesh Kumar, was a Hindi PGT in Nagloi based government school and was conducting exams on September 26 when the incident took place.


During the exams, a student barged into the classroom and started arguing with Kumar.

He was soon joined by another teen who was giving exam and they soon started arguing with Mukesh and suddenly stabbed him thrice right in front of students.

As Mukesh collapsed on the floor bleeding, the two ran away from the class.

Mukesh was soon rushed to a nearby hospital but later died due to his injuries.


Classroom where Mukesh was stabbed.NDTV

Classroom where Mukesh was stabbed. NDTV

Both the students have been arrested, with one being above the age of 18 and the other will be in two months.

According to police one of the students was expelled recently and was angry about it. Both the boys had failed the exams many times and on September 26 “lost their temper” and attacked the teacher.

Another teacher who was in the next room heard the commotion and when he went to investigate found Mukesh bleeding on the floor.


Victim Mukesh Kumar. Indian Express

Victim Mukesh Kumar. Indian Express

The teacher later said that the students and their families had threatened Mukesh and the principal over the past few days as both had failed their exams multiple times.

Teachers are now planning to stage protest so as to demand more security from the students, who threaten them for either failing them in the exams or for poor attendance.

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