8 Struggles Of People Who Never Accomplish Their To-do Lists

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10:00 am 17 Oct, 2015

You are really good when it comes to making the to-do list but equally disastrous when it comes to accomplishing it. You actually think you can effortlessly accomplish all your to-do lists for the day but then again you end up hardly getting anything done. Sometimes, you even wonder if making to-do lists is actually worth it because they never help you in achieving anything. Here are 8 struggles of a people who can never accomplish their to-do lists.


1. You love making to-do lists just for the sake of actually making them.



2. The last time you were actually able to accomplish your to-do list was, err, you can’t remember.

Accomplishing to-do lists


3. For you, things are much easier without making any to-do list but still you insist on making one.

Making to-do list


4. You write even the smallest of things in your to-do list so that you can later forget all of them.

Making to-do list


5. You are always determined to get your stuff done but somehow the lists keep piling up.

Making to-do list


6. You advised your friends and colleagues about how effective to-do lists are but you yourself couldn’t execute them.


Making to-do list


7. Now you think you will stop making to-do lists but then you find it really difficult to get things done without tracking them down.

Making to-do list

8. The first thing you do after getting up in the morning is see your to-do list and the last thing you do is jot something down on the list.

Making to-do list


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