9 Things Lazy People Have To Face

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10:00 am 10 Aug, 2015

Everybody in this world is entitled to be lazy at some point in their lives. And then there are people who are so lazy, that’s their sole purpose in life. Mind you, life isn’t easy for the laziest either. We bring you the daily struggles we have to face.

From a lazy person to a lazy person, read on.

1. The morning struggle

As if waking up in the morning isn’t hard enough, brushing teeth and taking a bath feel like such mammoth tasks that they make you fall right back into bed.


Lazy people

Don’t wake me up. Ever. thethingswesay

2. Mom

When you hear your mom calling you, you know it can be for only one thing. Chores. Cue groaning (inwardly, or if you’re courageous enough, loudly).


Lazy people

Not your ideal kid. MemeCenter

3. Things are too far

We have all gone through this one. The TV remote can be too far, the bottle of water is out of reach, the phone is pinging, but who kept it there?!


Lazy people

Can’t reach it, don’t need it! MemeCenter

4. Weird person glares

Sometimes you reach the ultimate level of indolence and even responding to someone becomes a huge, huge burden – because you have to TALK! And if you don’t talk, you have all these people glaring at you like you are some kind of weirdo.


Lazy people

But then I gave up. jokeallucan

5. Grammar ostracization

When your laziness creeps into your typing skills, and it becomes a task to be the Grammar Nazi you had vowed to be. Because, who will take the efforts to type “you” when you can just type “u”? And then people ask you why you didn’t get over Nokia 3210 texting habits…


Lazy people

It’s just how I am. Pinterest

6. Hardwork

You purposely take the efforts in brushing up your acting skills so you can pretend to be in deep sleep when someone calls you for work. Or you look busy just to avoid the next task. Or you need to actually do something to avoid something bigger! Whew…


Lazy people

Anything but real work. fashionablygeeky

7. Frequently asked questions

Whatever anyone asks you, whether you know the answer or you could Google, you have but one answer to give.


8. Pending work stress

Your go-to solution for every difficulty you face. It is the one thing you live by. You’ve mastered the art. Nothing, not even the morning of an important submission, will stop you from doing what you do best – procrastinate. Which means that at any given point in time, you have a super massive backlog of work that needs completion!


Lazy people

I do it best… When I do nothing at all… MemeCenter

9. Being broke. Always.

Because you will always take a rickshaw and spend those last remaining twenty bucks, where you could have walked the 500 meters and made mom and dad proud.


Lazy people

Because carrying money is too much work. MemeCenter


These are only nine struggles that we lazy people have to face on a daily basis. There are so many more that we face, but then I was too lazy to write them all. What are your struggles as an intensely lazy human being?


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