Maharashtra Cabinet Approves Bill Which Makes Touching Dance Bar Girls A Punishable Offence

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7:29 pm 11 Apr, 2016

Maharashtra cabinet has approved the dance bar bill which states that a person can face imprisonment or a hefty fine if he touches or throws money at bar dancers.

The bill, which will be tabled in the assembly on Tuesday, has stringent provision to regulate dance bars in the state.


The bill also proposes a fine of Rs.25 lakh for illegal operation and a deadline of 11:30 pm upto which dance bars can operate.

A 25-member committee was formed by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to deliberate on the issue and submit their suggestions.


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Also, the owner will face a fine of Rs.10 lakh or imprisonment for 3 years if a dancer is ‘exploited’.

‘Vulgar’ dances or actions will not be allowed and dancers can’t dress skimpily. The bill further states dance bar owners to install CCTV cameras at the entrance and floors. The owners will have to save the recordings for the last 30 days.




The decision comes following the Supreme Court order to lift the ban on dance bars a few months ago. The court had also asked the government to issue licences for dance bars to hotels and restaurants.


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