14 Things You Realize When You Are In Love With Stray Dogs

10:00 am 25 May, 2015

1. They are your bodyguards forever.

They will accompany you wherever you go. They are like your free bodyguards and companion when you are walking alone.


2. Sharing is caring!

You share your dinner and snacks with them almost every day or whenever possible without fail. You are simply used to it.


3. Every time, they meet you with equal excitement.

Every time they see you, they’ll come running for you with equal excitement as they too love you back, the way you love them.


4. They are like your best friends.

You feel like taking them home, but obviously you can’t so you try to spend time with them whenever possible.


5. Nobody misbehaves with your best friends.

You can’t bear the sight of stupid people throwing stones or hurting stray dogs.


6. They are your babies whom you care for a lot.

Since there is no one to take care of them you are their care takers and you treat them like your babies whom you care for a lot.


7. You spend more time with them than your friends.

Since you meet them every now and then, you eventually end up spending more time with them than your friends.


8. You know their names by heart.

You have already kept names for them and you know them by heart without confusion!!


9. You are a regular buyer of biscuits.

Even if you don’t like eating biscuits, you are sure to buy them regularly, to feed it to them.


10. You aren’t much interested in the expensive dog breeds one may find at people’s houses.

You are more of a stray dog person and not much into different breeds of dogs.


11. You are the architect of their kennels.

You have almost constructed a kennel for them to comfortably sleep in the cold winters or hot summers.


12. You go to different NGOs so that you can support these street buddies!


13. For you peace of heart is when you see them resting and sleeping comfortably in the kennel you made.


14. Going down or taking a stroll is just a reason to check whether your friends are okay!



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