The Story Of Jammu And Kashmir’s Differently-Abled Cricketer Amir Hussain Will Inspire You

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10:44 am 18 Feb, 2016

From playing cricket to writing from his toes, Amir Hussain Lone, a young boy from Wagam Bijbehara (J&K) with amputee arms, is doing everything just like a normal person.

In 1997, Amir, a primary school student, went with lunchbox for his brother, working at a sawmill. While Amir was playing at the mill, his destiny changed forever.

The boy was trying to copy the laborers who were working there. While placing a piece of wood under the blades he got caught around them. In this incident he lost both his arms.


Amir has adopted the habit of taking help of his toes. kashmirobserver

People who witnessed this incident said that his injuries were so horrific that nobody dared to take him to the hospital.

It was Army who was informed and they took him to the hospital. The doctors at Bone and Joint Hospital had to cut his arms from shoulders so that his life can be saved.

While recollecting those days, he said that he saw everything getting shattered in front of his eyes.  When Amir was brought home, people suggested his parents to find any means to get rid from him as he was useless and has already made the life of his parents miserable.

But his parents stood with him like a rock. They didn’t leave him alone and made their best efforts to start his life once again.


Bashir Ahmad, the father of Amir, has  to sell everything from agricultural land and sawmill to give the best possible treatment to his son. He didn’t hesitate and took loan from the bank as well. He said that nobody can leave their children in such situation.

As Amir started recovering from trauma, his family convinced him for schooling, so that he will not feel lonely in home. But when he joined the school he was disappointed because his teachers showed reluctance to accept him.

However, despite passing through a lot of  hardships, Amir was adamant not to go back to home and stayed in the school despite the indifference being showed to him.

He was dedicated towards his goal of getting education.

Amir said that at some point in time his teachers told him that it was better to sit at home, and he obeyed them as well. But his grandmother proved to be an inspiration for him and encouraged him to join the school and with time he neglected the negative attitude of teachers as well.

From that day he took the oath that he will read and train himself in writing with his toes.

Even his teachers admit that at first they too were against him joining the school because he had no hands and were doubtful whether he would be able to learn anything. As the time passed, Amir proved everyone wrong when he excelled in everything.

Amir faced other hardships too. He said he had to travel three kilometers to school by foot and faced problems while going to toilet.

This arduous journey continued and in these years of struggle he passed his 10th  and 12th exams with brilliant grades.

It was all this struggle that changed him to a man who will be not dependent on others for any help. He challenged every difficulty himself and got trained with time.

In cricket,  his inspiration was Master-Blaster Sachin Tendulkar and in art it was MF Hussain who inspired him to try his hand in painting. He plays cricket with Sachin as his ideal.

Watching Amir Hussain Lone, captain of Jammu and Kashmir’s Para-Cricket team, playing cricket is like witnessing the indomitable spirit of human effort.

He grabs the ball with his toes and throws it at the batsmen. He is also good with the bat, which he sandwiches between the neck and the shoulder.

Amir is now working more hard and aspiring to join International Para-Cricket team of India. He wishes to become a household name like Parvaiz Rasool , who hails from his hometown has made by making to Indian Cricket Team.

His courageous story should inspire all of us. Despite facing so much adversity he is an inspiration for the whole world. Let us support him and encourage this young guy to achieve his dreams and ambitions.

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