Meet The Boxing Champ Who Cleans Drains By Day And Trains Youngsters For Free

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7:06 pm 4 Jul, 2015

Do you think you have fought the hardest battle in life? Do you think your dreams will always remain unfulfilled? Well, think again.

Meet Krishna Raut. He works as a temporary worker whose job is to spray disinfectants into the town’s open drains. He earns only Rs 232 daily and supports a family of six members, battling poverty every day.


But he punches away his worries every evening. Between 5-7 PM daily, he turns to his passion – boxing. Krishna, 43, is an earnest boxing coach who trains underprivileged students for free so that they can become champion boxers and overcome their penury.


Around 150 students train with Krishna, who shows them the intricate moves that are necessary to become a great boxer. He told Mail Today:

“I always wanted to be a boxer but I lost my father when I was just 10. I had to give up studies and take care of my family. Now when I see a young boxer who shows promise and wants to learn the nuances of the sport, I feel the urge to train him. 30 students trained by me are employed with the police, Army and railways.”

Krishna had participated in various national- and state-level boxing championships and won medals and trophies. He is also a coach with the Howrah District Boxing Association.


After his dedication to underprivileged students came to light, West Bengal minister Arup Roy, who is also a legislator from Howrah, promised that he would look into the issue.


We hope he gets his long due. 


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