10 Reasons Why We Should Stop Judging People Right Away

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9:00 pm 24 Dec, 2015

Our mind is programmed to judge and the heart is fated to let go everything that hurts.

Why do we judge so much? Because we are humans and it comes naturally to us. The first suspicious thought in our mind while observing others is blanketed under the clouds of judgement. Before our heart can yell ‘wait’, the mind questions ‘what’ and why’.

So, how can we stop this inner turbulence?

The answer is: Acceptance. Accept situations and people as they are. Also, realize and acknowledge the learning that comes along with it.


Here is why should we should stop judging:

1. Everybody is fighting their own battles.

Everyone is continuously battling both their inner and outer worlds simultaneously. So, it’s not fair to judge a person merely on what they say and how they react. We cannot assume their unconscious reaction as their true intention.




2. Judging someone is easy but to understand someone requires patience.

Remember how in school days, the people you used to ignore initially, ended up as your best friends? All you guys needed was a friendly talk every evening to know each other well.



3 . To know someone, you need to know their past.

You will never be able to respect anyone if you don’t value their past. Your practicality and reasoning may differ from another person’s, as their struggles and upbringing are different from yours.

4 . We must bring flexibility in our thoughts.

Everyone was a unique thought process. Your opinion is your voice, it may or may not match with your friends or families but that doesn’t mean your voice is wrong. Believe in your thoughts till the time you find a reason to change them.

5. Judging is a complete waste of your potential, mind and time.

Yes. Half of your life will evaporate in evaluating people and their behavior. And in return your lose your own shine and time. You can utilize that time in working on yourself.

6. It germinates negativity.

It further affects your decision-making process and suddenly, the world becomes a cruel place to live in. And you end up envying happiness.

7. It creates enmity and destroys relationships.

Most of the our relationships stand on the pillars of faith and honesty. When we judge, these aged pillars break down and bringing the relationships into ashes.


8. It helps us to learn the art of letting go.

When you learn to detach yourself from mindless judgments, your minds remains free and you hold onto nothing but your spirit.

9.  Judge from your heart, not from your mind.

Honor the judgement of your heart. Always. When the heart decides that a situation or a person is not giving you the right vibes, then it’s probably right.

10. People will always try judge you, so let them.

Some people won’t change even after reading this article. But that’s not your problem, you take your own call.

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