I Don’t Care About The JNU Row But I Am Angry Because You Made A Soldier Cry

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6:43 pm 19 Feb, 2016

Everyone is commenting on the JNU row, but despite my friends prodding me to comment on the ongoing ‘anti-national’ debate, I did not speak. I exercised tolerance.

But I saw Major General (Retd) G.D. Bakshi cry on Times Now yesterday while arguing with some panelists over the meaning of patriotism and the significance of the tricolour. And that, my dear friends, is enough.

I do not care what JNU students, Jadavpur University students, Leftists or Secular/Liberals of my society think. (They may be learned but may not be wise.)

I do not care whether a section of so-called ‘intelligentsia’ is hell bent upon eulogising terrorists. (It is for the judiciary to decide whether what they doing is right or wrong.)

I do not care whether you like the ruling government or not. (This is a democracy, and you have the right to choose your leaders.)

I know only this:


Stand with Indian Army (1)


Stand with Indian Army (2)


Stand with Indian Army (3)


Stand with Indian Army (4)


Stand with Indian Army (5)




If you raise slogans against my country, if you call for the “destruction” of my country, if you hail the death of India’s soldiers, then you are the enemy of my country and you will be treated likewise.


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