This Old Film Of SRK Is Finally Going Viral And Making His Fans Go Crazy

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4:29 pm 7 Sep, 2016

Before becoming the King of Bollywood and paving the way into stardom, we saw Shah Rukh Khan on TV in ‘Circus’ and ‘Fauji,’ but this rare old film is technically the first of SRK. Dinesh Lakhanpal, a theater friend of Shah Rukh made ‘Mahaan Karz’ and Srk was paid Rs 3000/- for acting in the film!

This short film was released in 1991, the same year he made his debut in Deewana with Divya Bharti.

In this 17 minutes short film, Shah Rukh is playing the character of a treasurer’s son who tries his best to impress the king for a position in the castle. The video is pushing SRK’s fans to go crazy. The film is is going insanely viral!

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