Shah Rukh Khan Explains Why Hollywood Can’t Outshine Bollywood In India

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6:25 pm 26 Feb, 2016

King Khan’s wittiness cannot be doubted and his heartfelt words still preach honesty. After his infamous interview with Barkha Dutt, he had been avoiding the media for a long time. Recently, he was interviewed by Fareed Zakaria, CNN journalist, and openly talked about the Hollywood vs Bollywood war and why Bollywood is still the reigning film industry in India.


Shah Rukh Khan explains that the core reason behind this is stardom. In India, people are so fascinated and consumed by star power, that their attention is very limited to other Hollywood stars and movies.

There is perfect balance between Bollywood stars and their charisma, which Hollywood is not able to break into. He also states that if Indian cinema had not changed so rapidly, Hollywood might have ruled here.

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King Khan believes that Bollywood is divided into two parts; art/realistic cinema and commercial cinema. They both are progressing with acceptance, so Indian cinema, as a whole, is involving and becoming more and more popular.

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Shah Rukh directly co-relates his fan base with business. The business aspect of the films and social media is creating a wider audience and extending his reach. For this first time, a Bollywood movie, ‘Dilwale’, was released in Peru. Even Finland and South America have a lot of Bollywood fans.

In the end, Fareed  Zakaria ended this short interview with a tricky question “Do you think you would be part of Bollywood ten years from now?”

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So, he wants to romance Deepika and Ranveer’s kids as well. We just can’t wait to see that.

Watch the full video here.


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