Shah Rukh Khan Has BLOCKED Salman Khan Fans And Here Is The Reason Why

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12:33 pm 12 Jul, 2016

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are on good terms these days. People have seen them together on shows, events and (yes, let’s not forget) even cycling together.

Things are getting soft between them. God knows till when, but as of now they are BFFs!



But theirs fans sure don’t like them chumming it up. Fans have tried their best to put their favorite star a bit higher than the other. To prove themselves right, they often have also crossed their limits.



To avoid the tiffs, SRK has blocked all the fans of other stars including Salman Khan.

This we got to know when, during a chat with SRK on Twitter, a Salman Khan fan asked the reason behind him blocking Salman’s fans.


SRK gave a perfect answer to the user’s question and you surely will agree with him!


Well, it’s okay to promote your favorite celebrity but it’s surely wrong to deliberately abuse others. I absolutely agree. SRK has done the \what we do with people who trouble us on social media and it’s not wrong at all!


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