15 Spiritually Enriching Books

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12:00 pm 21 Dec, 2015

There are times when each one of us get drawn towards spirituality and only good books can quench the thirst for such vast and true knowledge. Here are 15 best selling books which will help you rejuvenate yourself spiritually.

1. Ramcharitmanas

The story of Ramayana could not be moulded into a more believable and wonderfully imaginative artwork than the one mentioned in Ramcharitmanas. There is a reason why people keep this one at home with a belief of creating a happy household.


2. Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita is the holy text of the Hindus. Keeping aside the religious aspect attached to it, this book is a great teacher in terms of the spiritually enriching knowledge that it provides about Karma.


3. Autobiography of a Yogi

Sri Paramhans Yogananda penned down the story of his life in ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. He has retold the fantastic experiences which ultimately led him to live a life of peace and satisfaction.


4. Sita

Authored by Devdutt Patnaik, it is a beautiful description of Ramayana from the perspective of Sita and is very enlightening in terms of the strength of feminism involved in it.


5. Jaya

Another wonderful work by Devdutt Patnaik, Jaya is the retelling of the story of Mahabharata and deals essentially with the life and struggles of Draupadi.


6. Vedas

The four Vedas, which were originally difficult for the common man to infer, have been translated into various understandable languages and versions. The knowledge provided by the Vedas is said to be supreme.


7. Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

This book is an English translation (by Swami Nikhilananda) of a Bengali religious text.It talks about the life and experiences of Sri Ramakrishna and his interactions with his devotees and disciples.


8. Living with the Himalayan Masters

Based on the theme that negates the compulsion of a structured religion in order to gain peace, this book is a classic by Swami Rama. The major idea of this book revolves around the abilities and powers of the Himalayan Yogis owing to years of meditative practices.


9. Shivpuran

There are many versions of Shivpuran but the message remains intact, its validity and truthfulness remain relevant even in the modern times.


10. The Secret

Rhonda Byre is quite adept at making you believe in a world of an imaginative yet strongly logical existence. Her approach to the law of attraction talked about in this book is appreciably fascinating.


11. The Power of Now

Written by Eckhart Tolle, this book is an eye-opener for all those who lead an egoistic life. A truly transformative write-up, the book will teach you a lot.


12. Conversations with God – 1

If you have any queries regarding the cosmic working of the Universe, this book clears them all. The writer, Neale Donald Walsch has done a great job with easily digestible words.


13. Leap of Perception

Penney Peirce has very intelligently compiled a psychic version to your consciousness and put it on paper in a very convincing manner. It would definitely attract another read after you finish the first one.


14. Key to Yourself

Written in the 50s by Venice Bloodworth, the book is extremely enriching when it comes to gaining spiritual knowledge. It emphasises on the power of the mind to heal body and soul.


15. Many Lives Many Masters

A fantastic book based on the real life experiences of the author, Dr. Brian Weiss. The book answers all the questions related to the mysteries of life and death.


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