15 Signs That Show You Have A Spendthrift Keeda In You

10:00 am 3 Sep, 2015

Do you believe in living life king size? Are you a shopaholic? You like getting pampered to the fullest? Then you surely have the spendthrift keeda in you. If you are still confused, here are 15 signs that clearly show that you have the spendthrift keeda in you.

1. You are a shopaholic! You can go shopping anytime of the day and feel happy about it.

2. You believe in living life king size. You choose the most luxurious option available since you love to spend.

3. You probably have more than ten pairs of footwear for sure.

4. Your wardrobe is a reflection of all the trends that ever existed!

5. Your bank balance is something you don’t like to discuss as you are not the kind that has any savings.

6. You believe in living in the moment!!

7. You wouldn’t think twice before travelling to your favorite destinations.

8. Your pocket money generally doesn’t last for an entire month.

9. Even if you are on the verge of being broke, you wouldn’t mind spending on something that you really liked!

10. If you have the foodie and the spendthrift keedas, then you are a zomato app. You have checked out all the best outlets in the city!!

11. You love spending on your friends as well, sometimes at least if not all the time.

12. You believe in YOLO!!

13. If you are in a relationship, your special one is lucky enough to get the best gifts possible.

14. Saving is not your cup of tea.

15. You are an on-the-spot decision maker!!


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