Special Forces Of Indian Army Are As Good As Israeli Special Forces

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5:11 pm 18 Oct, 2016

Prime Minister Narendra Modi drew a parallel between the special forces of the Indian Army and their counterparts in the Israeli Defence Forces while praising the surgical strike of September 29.

Speaking at a rally in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, the Prime Minister said that the strike proves the Indian Army is as capable as the Israeli armed forces in carrying out such missions with a high rate of success.




“Our army’s valour is being discussed across the country these days. We used to hear earlier that Israel has done this. The nation has seen that Indian army is no less than anybody,” he said.

The comparison with Israel is significant because the Israeli Defence Forces are known as the best in the world in conducting surgical strikes against enemies of Israel.

Such was the effectiveness of the Indian Army surgical strike that the entire Pakistani establishment was rattled in its wake.

India claimed to have killed around 50 terrorists spread across six-seven camps across the LoC. Though Pakistan denied that any such attack was carried out, the Nawaz Sharif led government held an all-party meeting to discuss the situation.

Following the surgical strike, Pakistan prematurely replaced the chief of ISI – its main intelligence agency – Lieutenant General Rizwan Akhtar.


Nearly every country in the world, including India’s neighbours in the west, called India’s strikes the right thing against terrorism.

Back home in India, some politicians asked for proof of the strikes while the Opposition blamed the BJP of trying to “milk” the strike for political parties.

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