Forget RBI, This Man Had Rs.200 Notes 42 Years Ago

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2:50 pm 6 Apr, 2017

On November 8, 2016 PM Modi announced the scrapping of Rs.1000 and old Rs.500 notes. Over the next few months, Indians kept saying bye to the two currencies.



The government issued a new Rs.2000 note and a redesigned Rs.500 note. And having them in one’s hands became a fad in no time.



Reports now claim that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will introduce notes of Rs.200 denomination. According to the reports, the printing of Rs.200 notes will start in the month of June.

And people be like…



We wonder where from the idea of issuing such a note may have come.


You know what, a certain Soorma Bhopali had the note in 1975! You don’t know Bhopali? Have you been living under a rock?

This man is Soorma Bhopali!



He was caught on video telling two escaped convicts that he had their stash in Rs.200 notes.

Here is the proof!

That’s amazing! Mr. Bhopali had the denomination before the RBI could even think about it! So whosoever came up with that idea of issuing Rs.200 notes should thank Mr. Bhopali.

Ab aap samajh gaye ki nahin samjhe?

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