15 Songs To Sing (Or Hum) When You Feel Down In The Dumps

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8:00 pm 1 Jul, 2015

Not in the best of moods? Feel like staying alone and dwelling in gloominess? Wake up! Lift yourself and pull yourself together. If words don’t help, these songs will. If today is the day you consider your worst, then get inspired from these songs and feel alive.

1. ‘Bhool ja’ by Shaan

This is one of the best songs of Shaan. The other song which can lift your mood is ‘Tanha Dil’. Both songs have their own appeal and the way this one has been sung, simply takes the blues out of you.


2. ‘Fighter’ by Christina Aguilera

Her bold voice is evident in this song. The peppy music and Christina’s strong hold on the emotion is sure to lift your mood.


3. ‘Kinaare’ by Mohan Kanan

We loved the movie ‘Queen’ and we surely loved this song. The song displays woman and her power to claim freedom anytime. If you have been pulled down lately, listen to this song in depth and ignite that fire within you.


4. ‘Ye jo des hai tera’ by A.R. Rehman

If nothing else, the feeling of patriotism will definitely rejuvenate you. This epic number from the movie ‘Swades’ is a treat for the ears for its soothing music that clings on longer than you can imagine.


5. ‘Rolling in the deep’ by Adele

Adele’s voice in this song impersonates power and attitude. Put on your headphones and turn the volume high to get into the flow of this song. Feel her power pass on to you.


6. ‘I’m alive’ by Celine Dion

No, Celine should not just be remembered for ‘My heart will go on’. This is one of the songs that simply excel in the way she has sung it. Her remarkable performance will make you sway with her.


7. ‘Chandni raatein’ by Shamsa Kanwal

You should simply listen to this song for one reason: to take you to a different world altogether. The catchy music and the effortless singing makes you fall in love with everything around.


8. ‘Mitti di khushboo’ by Ayushmaan

This recent track by Ayushman, is sure to make you fall in love with him. You will definitely forget all that was troubling you.


9. ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ by Bobby McFerrin

This classic number clearly communicates to stay happy always. Bobby McFerrin and his unique singing style made this song a hit. Such was the impact that whenever anyone is feeling low, these are the first words that come out of one’s mouth.


10. ‘Who says’ by Selena Gomez

Though not a very popular song of hers. Still listen to it for the powerful lyrics and the sweet manner in which it is sung.


11. ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry

I love Katy Perry, and so will you after hearing this song. She will simply light up your spirit with this sparkling number.


12. ‘Ye honsla kaise ruke’ by Shafquat Amanat Ali & Karsan Sargathia

This song, whenever played, gives me goosebumps. The lyrics are impeccable and so is the music. Get into the depth of this song and forget all worries.



13. ‘Haan yahi rasta hai tera’ by Shankar Mahadevan

This is truly a number which will make you get on your feet and do something quintessential. Just like Hrithik’s character in ‘Lakshya’, learn to learn from your mistakes and make your life worth living.


14. ‘Toota toota ek parinda’ by Kailash Kher

I think this song would be a favorite of everyone. One of Kailash’s first hit songs, will definitely hit you hard, in terms of emotions. The message is clear ‘rise after every fall’.



15. ‘Iktara’ by Kavita Seth

As much for the fresh storyline, ‘Wake Up Sid’ is also remembered for this beautiful song. Just humming this song makes you feel refreshed. The love unfolding in this number, is a treat to watch.




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