ASI To Illuminate All Indian Monuments Using Solar Power To Make Them Worth Visiting At Night

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9:44 am 3 Jul, 2016

Visiting a historical monument at night is in itself a sight to behold. Like, for instance, this…


But lighting up a monument is no simple task. Electricity bills is something even the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) cannot overlook. So, the ASI has decided to follow on the lines of India’s clean energy mission.

According to India Today, the ASI will be soon installing solar power panel systems on the rooftops of all ASI-protected monuments across the country.

“All the rooftops of the ASI protected monuments will come under the purview of the initiative. We will cover the rooftops with solar power panels to light up the area at night. It will help save on the electricity bills significantly,” an official said.


The Ministry of Culture has reportedly confirmed the decision and has also allocated the funds for the same.

The official told India Today that the installation process of the solar photovoltaic (SPV) will start from either July or August.

ASI will install 5MW to 25MW solar power units at the sites but will increase the power as per requirement.

In Delhi, many monuments are illuminated at night through SPV. With all of India’s monuments illuminated, tourism will get a major boost.

There are 3,686 protected monuments under ASI in India so the process of installing solar units will be completed in phases.

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