24 Social Situations Where Literally All Of Us Have Felt Awkward

10:00 am 10 Apr, 2016

I am sure most of us must have, at one point of time or the other, experienced certain awkward situations in our lives. So, if I may ask, what is that one most awkward situation you have had so far in your life and how bravely did you face it or overcome it? Yes, awkward situations are a natural part of life. They are bound to happen in everyone’s life at any time, day and situation. It seems they are most likely to happen when we tried our best not to let them happen.

Find below 24 social situations where literally everyone has or will surely feel awkward:


1. When you accidentally fart in a room or place full of people.

Yes, it does happen sometimes. Indeed, one of the most awkward moments!

Awkward moment


2. When you run into people from high school that you don’t want to see.

You think, ‘What bad luck!’ and slowly slip away from the scene.

Awkward moment


3. Whenever your relatives ask about your plans for the future.

One of the most embarrassing moments for every grown up man and woman.

Awkward moment


4. When you’re supposed to be serious but can’t stop laughing about something that had happened earlier that day.

Everything ended up awkward and you regretted it later.

Awkward moment


5. When you text your friend about your crush, but mistakenly send it to your crush instead.

Thoughts of ‘What do I do now?’ run around your head.

Awkward moment


6. When you wave back at someone who was actually waving to the person behind you.

You regret existing at that moment.

Awkward moment


7. When you introduce your friends and they get along a little too well, and you’re suddenly left out of the group.

You feel like moving out right away to show them that you are left out of the group.

Awkward moment


8. When the person you’re hooking up with kicks you out.

You think of only bad things at this situation.

Awkward moment


9. When you try to flirt but the words don’t come out right.

You end up embarrassed yourself.

Awkward moment


10. When you go to the movies and the ticket salesperson says, “Enjoy the movie!” and you say: “Thanks, you too!”

You think ‘What the hell makes me say such things?’

Awkward moment


11. When your friend is super excited about something and you try to match their enthusiasm, even though you don’t really care.

But your expression says it all.

Awkward moment


12. When your friends are talking about a new movie or band they want to go see and you’ve never heard of them.

You feel totally out of place.

Awkward moment


13. When someone catches you staring at them.

You think, ‘Damn! I should be faster at looking away!”

Awkward moment


14. When your friend is trying too hard to be cool.

You try hard to hide your face from those who notice it.

Awkward moment


15. Awkward elevator rides in complete silence.

I find this very awkward myself really.

Awkward moment


16. When you run into your ex and they’re with their new significant other who weirdly looks a lot like you.

You suddenly make a comparison and think he/she is not better than you.

Awkward moment


17. When you talk to your crush but just end up mumbling gibberish.

A terrible mistake you regret.

Awkward moment


18. When you’re at a party and try out a new dance move but it doesn’t work.

What do you say you will keep trying to make it work or move off the floor in shame?

Awkward moment


19. When you say something out loud that you should have just kept to yourself.

You wish if you can take the words back.

Awkward moment


20. When you run into someone from high school you used to be friends with but haven’t to talked in years.

You are confused whether to talk or not.

Awkward moment


21. When the person you’ve been seeing on and off tells you they like you and you don’t feel the same way.

You wonder if they are joking or really mean it.

Awkward moment


22. When you trip in public and try to pretend it didn’t happen.

You might think you are clever but you can’t escape from the eyes of hundreds and thousands.

Awkward moment


23. When you show up to the party before your friends get there and everyone else knows each other.

You think ‘What’s this?’ and feels like going back home.

Awkward moment


24. When your parents tell you a story you just didn’t want to know.

You just can’t wait to get out of their clutches and run to your playground. You even think to kill them when you grow up.

Awkward moment


Credit: Dose

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