Regret Saying The F-Word? This Woman Found Some Amazing Alternatives

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4:51 pm 13 Jul, 2015

We have become addicted to F-word! We use the word in every conversation and let it fly around us even when there is no such need. For example: “What the f*** are you doing?”, “Oh f***”, “This place is f****** hot”, “F*** that” — the list is endless. We often land up in embarrassing situations because of that word. I know how much we regret that later. After facing a similar ordeal, Sneha Keshav, a Mumbai resident, decided to create alternatives to the word f*** and illustrate it.

The 27-year-old, inspired by Micheal Beirut’s 100 Days Project, is determined to remove the word from her vocabulary. She told Huffington Post:

“I use it, I love it and have absolutely no problem with the word. However, there are times we need to mind our language, especially when around parents and little kids.”


As mentioned on Sneha’s blog:

Taming of the fuckery is about finding colorful alternatives to the word ‘fuck’ which has taken over our vocabulary ever so slyly. As I embark on this 100 day journey, I will do my best to tighten my tongue and typography.


Wow! So, to help you to replace the F-word problem, here are some of the best alternatives:


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