Surgeon Refuses To Operate After Spotting Snake In Operation Theatre In Andhra Pradesh Hospital

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3:27 pm 24 Sep, 2015

In a government hospital in Andhra Pradesh, snakes and rats have been common visitors.

Recently, a surgeon refused to operate and came out running after a snake was spotted in the operation theatre.

After the outrage following the incident, the hospital authorities said they will launch a cleaning drive.


Last month, a 10-day-old baby boy died at the same hospital  after being bitten twice by rats over a period of three days.

The child’s parents alleged that the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff did not listen to their complaints.

At the time, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu suspended three health officials and also  ordered an inquiry into the incident.


It seems that the suspension of the officers have not changed things at the hospital. In fact, reports say that besides the snake spotted by the doctor, another was seen slithering around the radiology ward.


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