Times Are Changing, So Why Not Get A Smart Watch For Your Smart Phone?

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2:37 pm 9 Jan, 2017

A smart watch is a perfect complement for your smartphone. You might initially find them to be superfluous, but it is one investment which is bound to make your life simpler. As Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan wrote, “The Times They Are A-Changin’”. So here’s why you need to make a switch to smart watches:

1.  Sneak peek at notifications

Checking out your phone every five seconds is annoying to those around you. A smart watch lets you sneak peek those ringing notifications in one glance while you make a quick decision about their importance, which practically means that you can focus on the conversation with your buddy, the meeting or be all ears for your sweetheart.


2. Answering calls becomes so much easier

I have spent hours finding my ringing phone in my bag. With a smart watch, just one tap and you can take or ignore calls like nothing. This is helpful when walking around with headphones on, or while driving, when your smartphone isn’t easily accessible. Different smart watches handle answering calls differently. For example, smart watches from Hamee India syncs SMS/Call history for android phones along with the function of accepting or ignoring the call.


3. Ensures safety

Living in India, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, takes away the guarantee of your phones being safe in your hands on a road. Carrying a flashy phone around is often risky, especially in not-so-safe places, and so a smart watch will definitely save you a lot of trouble when you have to make an urgent call or navigate your way through an isolated road.

4. A loudspeaker helps you listen to music without those earplugs

One of the reasons why I find it irritable with those earplugs because they keep falling off when I run. With a smart watch equipped with a loudspeaker, all you have to do is run. Don’t worry, the music will continue playing.


5. Travel becomes easy

When the smart watch was introduced by Apple, Tim Cook demonstrated its brilliant usage at the airports. So, yes, a smart watch will save you the hassle of digging for the boarding pass in your phone from your bag. All you have to do is a quick display of your watch and you swiftly go past the security check.

6. A customised watch

While you cannot change a regular watch with different moods or occasions, a smart watch can be customised. It can change its interface from a professional look to that of a more relaxed one. From serious to fun in a single tap.


7. Saves your phone’s battery

A smart watch is such a multi-tasker that the number of times you unlock your phone in a day comes down so drastically low that your phone’s battery can stay up for twice the time it generally does.

8. Is a great alternative to the efficient Fitbit

People have had Fitbits for some time but, eventually, everyone fell in the habit of forgetting it home. A smart watch doubles up as your Fitbit if you install fitness apps in your phone and will keep you in tap with your regular health routine.

9. Navigation simplified

With navigating directions sent to the watch directly,  you don’t have to fret zooming in and out of your big palm-sized phone as you knock down the way around.


10. Instant camera

Now most of the moments in our lives are so candid and impromptu that taking out the phone and clicking the photo takes away half the fun. Not all smart watches may be equipped with a camera, but some are. A smart watch like Hamee’s comes with a remote control for the camera of your phone so that important, work-related scans are always taken care of by just one tap on the wrist.



This is a sponsored post for Hamee India. 

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