New Diet Pill Does The Job Of A Gastric Band By Quenching Hunger In An Instant  

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5:32 pm 20 Jul, 2015

Hannah Ebelthite is a health journalist for the Daily Mail, who recently tried a new diet soluble pill, Slim-Fizz. As a health writer, Hannah is naturally sceptical about diet products, which she usually considers to be costly gimmicks that can turn dangerous.

When Ebelthite tried Slim-Fizz she was surprised at losing 5 lbs (2.26 kgs) in 10 days. She then asked two other middle aged women to try the pill.



dailymail Drina, 41


Both the other women also attained good results with the diet pill, prompting Ebelthite to look into the science behind it. Slim-Fizz doesn’t speed metabolism or block fat absorption, like other diet pills claim to do, rather it is designed to help control hunger and cravings.

When taken with water, the pill forms a thick gel barrier in the stomach and intestinal tract that lasts for four or five hours.



An active ingredient of the pill is Glucomannan (from the root of the konjac plant), which is a natural fibre that is water-absorbing and is used as a thickener is Far Eastern food. The effect is that it makes you feel full and absorbs starches, sugars and cholesterol as well as water. Despite water absorption, Slim-Fizz doesn’t dehydrate you.

The good part is that dieters are encouraged to eat healthy when they take Slim-Fizz and don’t have to calorie count.



betternutritionlabs Glucomannan from the konjac plant


Priya Tew, British Dietetic Association, said that she would like to see a larger clinical trial for Slim-Fizz. “But by filling you up it could help someone trying to get into new habits, control portion sizes and tune into hunger signals. But it shouldn’t ever replace the idea of healthy eating,” she added.

Ebelthite is happy with the results as even after a couple of months on, she hasn’t regained the weight that she lost when she started Slim-Fizz.



dailymail Helen Gray, 39


Helen, another dieter who tried Slim-Fizz, liked the taste, which she says “tasted like a pleasant orange drink”. However, she did admit that despite feeling full, she had to use her willpower to not eat more. Drina, for whom eating is a social experience, also dropped a couple of dress sizes with Slim-Fizz.

Doctors meanwhile are more bothered about why Slim-Fizz costs £19.95 (Rs 1,975) for a ten-day supply as its ingredients are not expensive.



For Ebelthite’s full experience, go to Daily Mail.
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