18 Slangs You Think Are Cool But Actually Make You Come Off As A Dumbass

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10:00 am 17 Mar, 2015

The world, both online and on land, is getting dumber by the day. And that’s not even the sad part. What’s really frustrating is knowing that the dumbest ones are the ones making most of the noise.

Thankfully, we have ways to distinguish them from a distance. Just, be on the lookout for these words. And most important of all, do NOT try using them.

1. “Yo! Beyatch!”

What? What does that even mean?

2. Swag – The misused and grossly overused word of the century

It actually means “Secretly We Are Gay” and was used in the 60’s.

3. That’s so gay

That’s so rude. Have you even met a gay person in your life?

4. Slut, slutty or sluttish – it’s not a funny word in any form

There is nothing laudable about this word. It is just downright prerogative and offensive.

5. Bae – Stands for ‘before anyone else’

This is probably the dumbest slang on the internet recently. Nobody wants to be called that!

6. Literally – Few words are so annoying that they just get on your nerves

Well, this one is the leader of them all.

7. Grow some balls

Comedian Betty White said it best: “Balls are weak and sensitive. If you really want to get tough, grow a vagina! Those things take a pounding!”

8. Hack

It’s not the 1980’s anymore. And standing behind someone while they type their password is anything but hacking.

9. Shorty

Come on people, you know that’s not polite.



10. OMG – Stands for ‘Oh My God’

No one uses it in real life. And it’s probably for a reason.

11. Chillax

So now we are fusing two perfectly alright words to generate a totally idiotic one?

12. Kewl – This is not cool

What purpose does this alternate spelling fulfill?

13. Like

Stop using words in way that would get you kicked out of any interview.

14. Chutzpah – You are simply misusing a perfectly correct word!

What it actually means is – Extreme self-confidence or audacity.

15. Nom nom nom

No. No. Just no. There are much better ways to let people know that you are eating.

16. Talk to the hand

We just cannot emphasize how ancient and obsolete this one is.

17. Take a chill pill

Are you trying to calm me down or frustrate me even more?

18. And lastly, any random word that starts with a hashtag

You are not trending. Definitely not if you keep this up.

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