10 Situations Where You Cannot Shut Your Heart No Matter How Hard You Try

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8:00 pm 29 Sep, 2015

Heart: I don’t speak often, pumping silently, storing all the beautiful memories and saving it in my beats. But when I decide to yell, I just cannot be ignored.

Mind: I am chatting with you all the time so that you never feel alone. I keep your life boring but safe unless you decide to unfollow me.

Here are the situations when you cannot ignore the heart…

1. When you fell in love for the first time

Those first high-octane unconditional shots of love filled with no expectations and just innocent promises made you realize that you have a organ that interprets the language of emotions.

2. When the friendship needed a romantic U-turn.

Your heart predicted it from the very beginning that you guys cannot be ‘just friends’ as the feelings were impossible to hide, so the next step had to come no matter what.


3. When you find yourself

After setting up your love story, the heart takes up the challenge to make you realize your dream. In the process, you often stumble, accepting the harsh realities of life and then the real you is born.

4. When it’s time to let go

The heart cries when the first fairy tale gets over but after all the tears are shed, it finally helps you to move on.

5. When your mind accepts that it is just too late to follow your dreams

But the heart shouts, “You have enough time left to chase them”.

6. When something is left unsaid

If that “unsaid” thing remains in your heart, the more you will suffer.

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7. When you know something is not right.

8. When it’s high time you learn to change your ways

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9. When you have to choose between your dreams and love.

The heart will choose ‘love’.


10. When it’s time to forgive


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