Is Japan Sinking? This New Video Is Shocking On So Many Levels.

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1:05 pm 8 Nov, 2016

Sinkholes are one of the biggest natural (or man-made?) disasters hitting the world in a really nasty way. And when we say nasty, we mean NASTY. Sinkholes of increasingly scary sizes are appearing everywhere from the busiest squares to loneliest stretches.

Some have even lost their lives to sinkholes appearing out of nowhere.

Now, people in the natural disaster prone land of Japan are living in a perpetual state of fear. A fear that their island nation might disappear in a massive sinkhole. (Though that could be a bit far-fetched.)

On Tuesday, a sinkhole swallowed a part of a major five-lane highway in the city of Fukuoka, a major city on the southern island of Kyushu.


The road didn’t disappear in a magician’s hocus pocus – it started forming at around 5 in the morning Japanese time and continued growing till about 10 am eventually assuming the huge size it now appears in.

This is the reason why no one was injured despite the sinkhole appearing right across a major subway station.

And that size is quite massive! The sinkhole measures 30 meters long, 27 meters wide and is 15 meters deep.




According to Japanese media, the sinkhole was a result of an underground construction of a tunnel in the area.

A video shows the sinkhole uprooting power lines and traffic poles. Blackouts were immediate and some 800 households were affected by it. But the efficient nature of Japan’s services ensured that by around 9.30 am, most households had power restored.

Yet services of a major bank were hit due to the sinkhole disrupting fibre networks.




Buildings around the sinkhole are now left with weak foundations. As a precautionary measure, authorities have evacuated nearby residents.

The formation of the sinkhole in Japan points at the danger the island nation – the most developed in all of Asia – sits on.

Already the world’s most seismically active region, sinkholes are now posing a big, man-made threat to the people of the country.

Experts believe that Japan will be under the ocean in a few hundred years. But if sinkholes of such kind become a regular feature, the time of Japan will be over much before.


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