Two Sikh Men Use Their Turbans To Pull Four Boys To Safety

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6:50 pm 30 Sep, 2015

Two Sikh men, , Inderpal Singh and Kanwaljit Singh, set aside their religious code to save a group of drowning boys in Punjab this past Sunday.

The news, which came into light after a widely circulated cellphone footage, went viral online.

The video shows two young Sikh men taking their turbans off and using it to rescue four boys who had lost their footing and were being washed away in a strong current.

The incident took place in Sangur area of Punjab, when a group of boys had gone to Sular Ghat for the immersion of Ganesha idols.

A sudden torrent of water had made them lose their footing. They hung on somehow onto the embankment as the force of the water threatened to wash them away.

Seeing this two Sikh boys jumped into the action and saved their lives.

The two brave hearts said that they were on the banks when the whole horror took place.

Inderpal, who was sitting on the embankment of the canal and watching the immersion take place, said that in a heartbeat’s moment he took off his turban and tossed one end of it at the youths and started pull them in, while Kanwaljit, who was at the other side of the bank, immediately followed suite.



Kanwaljit said:

“My immediate reaction was to jump into the canal and try to save them. But I cannot swim. So I removed my turban and used it to save the boys.”

One of the boys who was in the water was all praises for the two Sikhs:

“He first tried to pull us out with a wire lying on the embankment. But it broke, and he then used his turban.”

The local administration was accused of making inadequate arrangements for the ceremony and has been widely criticised for the incident. When contacted later they said they would felicitate the young men for their bravery.

This is the second time that a news about a Sikh youth taking his turban off to save someone’s live has come to light, earlier this year another Sikh youth in New Zealand had used his turban to bind the wounds of a young boy who had been hit by a car.

Pictures from that incident had flooded social media, with the young Sikh getting accolades from all across the world.


Under the tenets of Sikhism, a Sikh can only remove his turban at home during a bath.


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