Sikh Man, Forced Out Of Donald Trump’s Rally, Plans to Continue His Protest To Stop ‘Hate’

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6:03 pm 26 Jan, 2016

A turbaned Sikh protester was escorted out of a Donald Trump rally held in Muscatine High School, Iowa, on January 24.



AP Trump in Iowa

The sikh man, Arish Singh, displayed a banner which read ‘Stop Hate’, in the light of a statement made by the GOP front runner last month, saying temporary ban will be imposed on Muslim’s entering the US.



AP Singh Protesting against Trump

Singh is the former editor of a local newspaper ‘Little Village’ and a comedian by profession.



Arish Singh Commedian & Writer Arish Singh

Sporting a red turban, Singh along with the second protester were escorted out of the rally with Trump waving his hand and saying, “Bye. Bye. Goodbye.” and the crowd chanting “USA…. USA… USA”.


Even as social media erupted with regards to what happened in Iowa, Singh took to twitter and said:


When asked why he decided to raise his voice and interrupt the speech, Singh said it was due to series of remarks that Trump had made in the past including his suggestion that all Muslim immigrants to the US should be banned.

Singh said that such comments have coincided with a rise in incidents of xenophobia and bigotry against both Sikhs and Muslim Americans.


IB Times

IB Times Trump at one of his rallies 

Soon after the Iowa incident. Singh, who is a resident of Chicago gave an interview to an online newspaper and added:

“I am not sure what he meant when he used the word “hat”. But if he thought I was a Muslim, I would not have a problem with that because we all have to stand with the Muslims and reject the hate that is being directed towards them. How can anybody stand up and say Muslims should be banned from this country?”

Singh then went on to add that that he plans to take his peaceful protests to Trump’s other rallies as well.


When asked what he thought about people confusing him to be a Muslim, Singh said:

‘Those people who cannot tell the difference between a Muslim and a Sikh should be embarrassed of themselves. But I stand with the Muslims and I will always do what I can to stop the hating.”

Here is what happened:

Even as the news about Singh being escorted out of Iowa’s rally, and Trump’s response to his protest spread like wildfire, people on Twitter made it into a debate.

Here are few of the responses:









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