A Village In Rajasthan Helped Indian Railways Earn Revenue And Reopen A Station

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7:05 pm 1 Sep, 2015

Rasidpura Khuri is a small village in the Sikar district of Rajasthan. Located 10 kilometers from the district headquarters, Sikar, this village once had a minor railway station, which was also the only station for three other villages. That was their best connection to larger towns. But in 2005, the Indian Railways closed the station citing losses. Trains started passing by Rasidpura.


When their appeals to reopen the station was turned down by railway authorities, the villagers took it upon themselves to help Indian Railways reopen the station.

A committee was formed comprising of respected village elders. A village teacher, Hanuman Singh Burdak, joined them. Together they went to all four villages urging everyone to contribute to the cause.

Their plan set, the committee members then approached railway authorities with an assurance to meet the revenue target. The railways reopened the station on February 1, 2009 but did not allot staff to it.

Undeterred, the villagers took it upon themselves to ensure that the station remains operational. Here again the villagers showed the Indian Railways how things are done.



The task of issuing tickets was hand over to a villager and, in six months, they raised a substantial amount in form of revenue for the railways.

A key achievement was that villagers were strictly forbidden from travelling without tickets.

From 2009 to date, some 5 lakh passengers have travelled to and fro this station. Around 400 tickets are issued every day.


But in spite of this remarkable achievement, the Indian Railways is yet to allot staff to the station. Harish Meena, the ADRM of Jaipur Division Railway, says he is still not aware of the number of tickets being issued at the station. Forget RPF jawans, the railways have not even allotted a single cleaning staff for the station. Who keeps the station clean? The villagers, of course!


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