14 Signs That Your House May Be Haunted

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3:32 pm 28 Jul, 2015

1. You hear strange voices and whispers

It could be that someone in your neighborhood plays loud TV/radio. Go outside to check if the voices get louder or softer. If you’re pretty sure that the voices are coming from inside your house and you have no other explanation for their ‘presence’, you just might have a ghost (or you’re going nuts).

2. Someone seems to call your name

While you’re busy watching TV, reading a book, cooking or even just lazing around, you keep hearing someone take your name. At first you thought it’s just a trick your mind is playing on you but now you’re sure that “someone” is trying to get your attention.

3. There are other unexplained noises

Do you hear scratching, footsteps, the sound of bangles or payals? Make sure that it isn’t just part of your furniture or décor that’s banging against something and scaring the living daylights out of you. If you continue to hear the noises, there could be something otherworldly in your house.

4. There are electronic disturbances

Your television, laptop, music system, etc might turn on or off without any help from you. Lights seem to flicker all the time or you run out of bulbs way more often that you should. Check for electrical problems, like faulty wiring, and make sure you don’t have a virus on your laptop.

5. You keep misplacing things

You have a set routine. You enter your house, put your keys in one place, set your bag down on the other, but lately it seems to you that you have been putting things all over the place because you either can’t find them or you find them far removed from where you remember leaving them.

6. Things open and shut on their own

Your drawers, doors or windows seem to keep opening and shutting. Sometimes it could be the wind, but sometimes, there is no reason at all for that cupboard to open up on its own. Sometimes you come back home sure that you had shut the cabinet door before leaving but you find it open.

7. Furniture seems to have a life of its own

This might be more subtle. You have been getting off your bed and going to the bathroom without knocking against that table for years, but now you bump into it every time. You wonder if the chairs in the drawing room have been moved because everything looks slightly off.

8. There are odd and inexplicable smells

According to paranormal researchers, benevolent spirits can smell like fruits, flowers, or other generally pleasant smells, while evil spirits bring with them smells of rotten eggs, sulphur, etc. Don’t jump to conclusions though; you may have a perfectly normal reason for the smells.

9. Your pets behave strangely

It is said that animals can sense a paranormal presence. Many people who recount their supernatural experiences will say that their dog or cat started behaving oddly. Make sure you take your pets for a check-up before you blame it on ghosts; the poor dears could be feeling unwell.

10. You feel like you’re being watched

Even though you’re sure you’re alone at home, sometimes you are unable to shake off the feeling that someone is watching you. You could be engrossed in a movie or a book and then feel like someone is beside you, watching you carefully. Either you’re becoming paranoid or you’ve got a ghostly admirer.

11. Waking up at night with a sense of urgency

Apparently, spirits love to try and communicate with people at night; that’s probably because people don’t shut up during the day. Anyhow, if you keep waking up feeling like you need to be awake or that someone tried to wake you up, some spirit may be trying to contact you.

12. Seeing things from the corner of your eyes

Spirits are rarely visible fully to our eyes; they can appear as shadows, mists, balls of light etc. Another way that many people claim to see them is though the corner of the eye. It appears that someone is standing towards the edge of your vision, but when you turn to look, they’re gone.

13. The temperature keeps dropping

Paranormal beings are said to bring the temperature down. One way that researchers first sense a presence is if the room suddenly gets cold. Sometimes it’s not the entire room that gets cold but only one particular spot, which may signal that a ghost is present in the area.

14. Feeling like someone touched you

This is something that most people experience at least once in their lifetime, so don’t get freaked out if it happens. However, if this happens again and again and you feel that the ‘touching’ is getting threatening/inappropriate/aggressive, then you may need to handle your ghostly visitor’s rudeness.


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