16 Things That Reveal How A Guy Will Be In Bed Before You Get There

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6:55 pm 11 May, 2015

1. Good posture

If the guy stands up straight instead of slouching or leaning, he will most probably be a confident guy who will put in effort to be good in bed.


2. Road rage

A guy who drives like a maniac and gets annoyed with everything that happens on the road will most likely make a selfish and an impatient lover.


3. Friends come first

If the guy is usually with friends, it could reflect that he can’t really think for himself or that he needs constant approval. Only take on if you like being dominant.


4. Table manners

If he just wolfs down everything, instead of savoring each bite, trying the condiments, or taking decent sized bites, he might be a ‘wham, bam, thank you Ma’am’ type.


5. Metrosexuality

If the guy is too obsessed with his looks, he will not only be critical of your appearance but he might not be able to relax enough to have steamy sex.


6. Sense of humor

If a guy can really laugh at himself, then you know that he is comfortable in his own skin and will not take himself or you too seriously when you’re having sex.


7. Exercise routine

A guy who exercises daily will make a fit lover and will have the stamina needed to last long in the bedroom. You can be sure he won’t be a lazy lover.


8. Dance moves

Watch how a guy handles himself on the dance floor (especially the lower half) – anything too stiff or showy will probably not make for a good performance in bed.


9. Expressive hands

If the guy uses his hands to express himself when he talks (with big, sweeping movements), he could end up being imaginative and creative in bed.


10. Ready to sample

If the guy is too set in his ways and refuses to try any new food, hangout, activity, etc., he’ll probably bore you to death in the sex department.


11. Sharing specialist

A guy who likes to make sure that the difference between what’s his and what’s yours is very clear will not make the best sort of lover; sharing is caring.


12. Kissing technique

If a guy takes his time to kiss you and doesn’t get all aggressive, chances are that he’s good in bed. But watch out for a complete control freak; you want him to be passionate after all.


13. Loopy handwriting

According to handwriting experts, guys who end their lowercase ‘y’ with a flourish in the tail have higher libidos and can be very imaginative in bed.


14. Flexible thumbs

The more flexible a guy’s thumb, the more adventurous he is in bed. Additionally, if his thumb is set very low in his hand, then he has unconventional bedroom tastes.


15. Genuine appeal

Though a guy could drive an expensive car and have a six pack, it should not be his main way of getting attention. A guy who needs material goods to be appealing might have no real substance.


16. Quick learner

The faster a guy picks up new information or new ways of doing things, the better a lover he will be. He will pay attention to your needs and learn to fulfill them.




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