Ranveer’s Latest Ad Objectifies Women, Siddharth Calls It A New Low For Women’s Right. So True!

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1:34 pm 24 Nov, 2016

With neck-to-neck competition in the business world, branding is a very critical stage as it largely decides the fate of a product. And as India breathes Bollywood, hence, stars are considered as a safe and profitable option to create the massive hype.

But somewhere, with the utter need to get attention, the advertisement of a product is often done with no sense of morality. Like in the case of the clothing brand, ‘Jack and Jones’, where Ranveer shamelessly objectifies women in the ad.


We ask, is selling office shirts with the theme of sexism at the workplace justified?

South superstar Siddharth, popularly known for his offbeat roles in ‘Rang De Basanti’ and ‘Striker’, has always been vocal about how Bollywood is misleading people and this time again, he proved a vital point with this tweet:

Exactly, what were they thinking? Twitterati agreed with him as well:


Seeing such criticism, ‘Jack & Jones’ brand stopped the campaign:


Sadly, with the desperate need to seek attention, we are losing out on our values. Right, people?


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