Art, Not War: Shyam Benegal’s Next To Have Fawad Khan Playing The Lead

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5:32 pm 12 Oct, 2016

In the midst of all this India-Pakistan hate mongering, Shyam Benegal has decided to cast Fawad Khan to play the lead in his next, ‘Ye Raste Hain Pyaar Ke’.


The movie is about Indo-Pak relations and Fawad will be playing a musician in it. ‘Ye Raste Hain Pyaar Ke’ talks about reuniting the warring nations through art and culture.

It sounds like a story we need right now. Both countries seem to have forgotten the ties that bind us, blinded by the communal rage that seems always to be bubbling just beneath the surface, in both India and Pakistan.

It is a brave, and commendable move, this. And only a veteran filmmaker like Shyam Benegal could’ve made it! Here’s hoping art rises above hate. Here’s hoping we remember that we aren’t so very different, the lot of us. Before it’s too late!


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