9 Reasons Why An Office Romance Is Seriously A Bad Idea

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12:00 pm 11 Sep, 2015

If you happen to be one of those who are really disappointed by your darn love life because, “Damn, no one is hot at my work space”, then don’t be. If you are one of those who are crushing on that cutie next to your cubicle, then stop.

Because as the old saying goes, “It’s never a good idea.”

Here are 9 reasons why you should really stay away from it and save yourself from all the mess. We’re just warning you!

1. Reality is not romantic

You are in an office space where it means real work. It’s not an Enid Blyton plot where you can count on happy endings. Think of consequences before you step up. Is it romantic to lose your mind, and heart, in between those files and presentations? I think it suggests chaos.

2. The J word

Jealousy. She got an appraisal, you are jealous. You got some kind words from your lady boss, she is jealous. You both are getting a little extra from drab office hours, your coworkers are jealous. Can love thrive in this envious world? I doubt it.


3. The dreaded word – Partiality

You will always be accused of favoring and being totally biased. “Just because you are dating her/him.” And in some ways, you would be. Rules are broken in love. Rules are twisted in love. Love is blind. Need I say more?

4. Monotony

Work takes more than 10 hours from your day. Do you want to talk about your dreaded boss and your stressful presentations on a post-work romantic dinner? It’s a part of both of your lives. You will bring it up eventually every other second. Dating outside the circle will give you a fresh perspective always. It will be interesting and fun.

5. Do you know how butterflies feel? No.

Dating a co-worker can fizzle out the spark too soon. Undoubtedly, it’s lovely when you’re in the initial stage and every new day seems like a fairy tale when they walk in, making your Monday feel like a Friday.  But soon, it fades out. You will never know the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach when you’ve been waiting for an entire week to meet them on a weekend.

6. Mixing business with pleasure

It’s not a cocktail which tastes good. Things like these can jeopardize your career advancements and you don’t want that. You’ve worked your ass off to be here and now a fleeting air of love cannot deter you from your path. It really should not. It can lead to pink slips too; one without hearts.

7.  You will never be a part of the “circle”

You won’t be, because you just made your own two-point line. Your colleagues will not be able to confide in you or even trust you. Forming friendships will be way more difficult. People would always want to give you ‘privacy’ and will eventually buzz you off their circle.

8. And if you BREAK UP

Things are not always rosy. If they are not really ‘the One’, your romance will fade and you will break up. Ouch! Those awkward bumping into each other moments. Those prying colleagues’ gossip moments. The moment when you’d spot her hitting on another colleague. All this while, your work piles up and your life shatters. Sounds good? No.


 9. And what if it turns BAD

What if the break-up was unpleasant? What if one of you played it unfair? What if someone seeks revenge? Do you want your personal life to become a social disgrace hampering your professional image? Certainly not.


This is not to say that you need to strike love off the office radar. After all, love doesn’t gauge boundaries. So? Change your office radar. Switch the job if you can’t switch your love. But don’t let the cupid strike in the realm of work. Just don’t!


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