Believe It: There Is A Shrine Dedicated To A Dog In Jhansi Where People Worship Regularly

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5:18 pm 12 Sep, 2016

Between the villages of Rewan and Kakwara of Mauranipur tehsil in Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh is a small shrine (or temple, as some would call it) dedicated to a unique deity – Kutiya Maharani Ma.

The shrine is holy to the people of the area, who worship the deity on a regular basis following proper customs and traditions. Their devotion to this deity is as deep as their devotion to any of the more widely known deities.

But the reason behind having a shrine dedicated to such a deity is quite strange.

According to Dainik Jagran, the villagers started worshipping Kutiya Maharani Ma following the death of a dog which used to frequent the villages.




According to the priest of the shrine, Kishori Lal Yadav, locals say that Kutiya Maharani used to live on the common periphery of the two villages.

One day a huge feast was organized in both the villages. Kutiya Maharani first went to Rewan but the feast had not yet been prepared. She then went to Kakwara but here too the food was still being cooked.

She then placed herself back at the common border hoping that she’ll enter the village where the feast gets prepared first.

Unfortunately, both villages announced the opening of the feast at the same time with a blowing of trumpets. Kutiya Maharani died immediately.

The shrine stands at the exact spot of her death.

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