This 14-Yr-Old Girl’s V-Donor App Might Help Tackle The Dengue Menace In India

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3:01 pm 2 Oct, 2015

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared dengue to be hyperendemic in India. More than 27,000 people have been affected by this disease as on September 20.

While the government is still grappling with a disease that has been claiming lives over the last few years now without much success, an Indian girl residing in California has found a way that could reduce the acuteness of Dengue.

Shreya Nagpal is only 14 and she lives in California with her parents and sister.


She wanted that an online community of voluntary blood donors be formed so as to accelerate the blood transfusion process, keeping in mind that decreased blood platelet count or thrombocytopenia is the major effect of Dengue.

Shreya’s dad Deepak, with over 15 years experience in technology sector, expanded the idea with a motive to create an app that could connect area-wise blood donors to Dengue patients.

He contacted his friend Sapan Babbar who runs a tech start-up in Noida, who agreed to design the app free of cost. The app is called V-Donor.


Sapan says, “SOS messages for blood requirement keep floating around on Facebook, Whatsapp, Mails and are scattered all around, the app will help consolidate the gap and connect the blood donors and receivers on the same platform and at one’s fingertips.”

Shreya believes that if we are able to save one life through this tool, all the hard work would pay off.


It takes only a minute to sign up and one is declared as “Voluntary Donor” in their area. A Dengue patient or their relatives can search for blood donors around their area in no time and can call/SMS them through the app.

The app directly connects the user with a list of verified hospitals where blood transfusion takes place.

The app also lists symptoms, precautions and guidelines that help people be informed for a thorough check and prevention of dengue.

And those interested in becoming donors will also find this guideline useful.



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