Shraddha Kapoor Body Shamed For Sharing A Controversial Picture Of Marilyn Monroe

6:45 pm 7 Dec, 2017

Body shaming is just like a trend on social media these days which keeps returning every now and then. Over a period of time, various celebrities have been body shamed for one reason or the other. Sometimes it is their skinny bodies, bikini-clad bodies, or curves that inspire people from various nooks and corners of the world, to speak up against them.

Remember how Khloe Kardashian remained in news for a long time over her heavy body type, while she was busy promoting her jeans brand (for women with curves)?


Khloe Kardashian during an

And now it is about Indian beauty Shraddha Kapoor, who is being body shamed for a weird reason.



The actress recently shared a picture of Marilyn Monroe on her Twitter account with a message that was about body positivity. Calling her the most beautiful women in history, Shraddha’s picture message read, “This is Marilyn Monroe. The world’s biggest sex icon.”


It seems that after Shraddha shared this tweet, people lost it completely and called her a ‘hypocrite’. It didn’t stop there, as some of them also pointed out that she promotes exercise and green tea for the sake of money. A few also made sure to tag ‘Lipton Green Tea’ in their tweets. Read below what people said!


Twitter Image.




Twitter Image.





Well, Shraddha has not replied to any of these comments yet and has maintained her silence over being called a ‘hypocrite’. She is currently busy shooting with Prabhas for ‘Saaho’, a film based on Saina Nehwal’s life and career.

Do you think that body shaming is the right thing to do in any case? Do tell us in your comments below!

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