The Different Classes Of Ships Used By The Indian Navy (Part I)

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4:10 pm 10 Jul, 2015

The Raison d’etre of Indian Navy is to ensure the security and interests of India at sea. In order to do so, Indian Navy has many ships which provide support and increase the efficiency of our Navy.

All ships mentioned here are in active service with the Indian Navy. We have not included ships that have been decommissioned or are yet to be commissioned. Since there are so many different classes of ships, this will be a four-part series.

Kiev Class

INS Vikramaditya

It is a modified Kiev Class Aircraft carrier which can carry up to 30 aircrafts. It is designed as a STOBAR (Short Take-Off but Arrested Recovery) carrier.


Centaur Class

INS Viraat

The oldest aircraft carrier in service in the world, INS Viraat was the flagship of the Indian Navy before INS Vikramaditya. It is proposed to be decommissioned in the coming year.


Austin Class

INS Jalashwa

Indian Navy saw a need for better amphibious landing capabilities and decided to purchase US Navy’s retired Austin-class landing platform dock USS Trenton.


Shardul Class

1. INS Shardul

Lead ship of the Shardul class, INS Shardul is affiliated to the 5 Armoured Regiment of the Indian Army.


2. INS Kesari

Second ship of Shardul Class, INS Kesari’s homeport is Port Blair.


3. INS Airavat

Although primarily designed for amphibious assault operations, INS Airavat‍ ’​s missions also include humanitarian assistance & disaster relief (HADR) during natural disasters.


Magar Class

1. INS Magar

INS Magar is the leading vessel of her class of amphibious warfare vessels of the Indian Navy.


2. INS Ghariyal

Built by Hindustan Shipyard Limited, INS Ghariyal was commissioned in February 1997.


Kumbhir Class

1. INS Kumbhir

It is the leading ship of its class as medium amphibious warfare vessels.


Third vessel from top. Wikimedia Commons

Third vessel from top. Wikimedia Commons

2. INS Guldar


3. INS Mahish


4. INS Cheetah


Kolkata Class

INS Kolkata

Constructed at the Mazagon Dock Limited, INS Kolkata is the lead ship of its class. Officially commissioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in august 2014, INS Kolkata is stealth guided missile destroyer type ship.


Delhi Class

1. INS Delhi

Leading ship of her class, INS Delhi is one of the largest warships to be designed and built in India.


2. INS Mysore

A Delhi Class missile guided destroyer, INS Mysore has a crest that features a double-headed eagle from the sigil of the erstwhile House of Wodeyar of Mysore.


3. INS Mumbai

INS Mumbai was a part of Operation Rahaat to provide protection and support to Indian ships and aircraft involved in the evacuation of Indian citizens from Yemen during the military intervention.


Rajput Class

1. INS Rajput

INS Rajput is the lead ship of its class and is a guided missile destroyer. It served as a trial platform for the BrahMos cruise missile.


2. INS Rana

A Rajput-class destroyer, INS Rana serves in the Eastern Fleet of the Indian Navy.


3. INS Ranjit

Third of the five Rajput class destroyers, INS Ranjit was commissioned in November 1983.


4. INS Ranvir

Commissioned in 1986, INS Ranvir was anchored outside Sri Lanka to provide security for the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, and other high-ranking officials at the 15th SAARC summit.


5. INS Ranvijay

It participated in the multinational Malabar Naval Exercise.


Shivalik Class

1. INS Shivalik

The lead ship of her class of stealth multi-role frigates, INS Shivalik was built for the Indian Navy by Mazagon Dock Limited.


2. INS Satpura

INS Satpura participated in the Malabar 2012 exercise with the United States Navy.


3. INS Sahyadri

Sahyadri participated in the International Fleet Review 2013 in Sydney, Australia, as part of growing defense cooperation between the two countries.


Talwar Class

1. INS Talwar

Lead ship of Talwar class frigates, INS Talwar is a multi-role stealth frigate.


2. INS Trishul

Second ship of Talwar Class, INS Trishul was commissioned in June 2003.


3. INS Tabar

It is a well-equipped warship that has the ability to handle air/surface/sub-surface missions.


4. INS Teg

The fourth ship of Talwar Class frigate, INS Teg was built by the Yantar shipyard in Kaliningrad, Russia.


5. INS Tarkash

Commissioned in 2012, INS Tarkash took active part in Operation Raahat.



6. INS Trikand

It uses BrahMos missiles in place of the Klub-N missiles which were used in the first two ships of her class.


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