Shatrughan Sinha Praises Kanhaiya Kumar Because Of His Bihari ‘Weakness’

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7:08 pm 5 Mar, 2016

Shatrughan Sinha heaped praises on Kanhaiya Kumar’s oratory and expressed his happiness upon his release on interim bail.


So this time too the BJP leader’s stance was dramatically different from his party’s.

The MP from Patna Sahib told PTI that Kanhaiya was “filled with energy and his body language was impressive” during the speech the student leader delivered at JNU on Thursday.

Why did Shatru speak in favour of Kanhaiya? One reason, according to Sinha, was that Kanhaiya did not say anything against the country.

Pointing at why he was supportive of Kanhaiya is that the latter is a Bihari. “Bihar is my strength and Bihar is also my weakness,” Sinha said.

This is not the first time the the sulking BJP leader played the ‘Bihari’ card in the Kanhaiya controversy. On February 17, five days after Kanhaiya’s arrest, Sinha had demanded his release with this tweet:



Shatrughan Sinha

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