Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif Dons Pink Turban Gifted By PM Modi

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2:57 pm 28 Dec, 2015

Taking everybody by surprise, Pakistan’s Prime Minsiter Nawaz Sharif on December 27 wore a turban gifted to him by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on his granddaughter’s wedding.

During his December 25 visit to Pakistan, PM Modi reportedly gifted the Rajasthai pink turban to Sharif.

PM Modi has also congratulated Sharif on the wedding of his granddaughter.



Seeing it as the start of ‘good-relationship’ between the two countries, a source said:

“Wearing the gifted turban of Mr Modi itself shows that Mr Sharif’s sincere intention towards the neighbouring country. Besides, it also demonstrates that Mr Sharif values the gift of Mr Modi.”

Sharif’s granddaughter Mehrun Nisa married Raheel Munir, who is son of industrialist Chaudhry Munir. Both the groom and the bride have studied at the London School of Economics.

The industrialist was also the first one to shake hands with Modi when he got off the car at Jati Umrah outside Lahore on December 25.



On December 27, the couple’s wedding ceremony was attended by around 2,000 guests which included  VVIPs from Saudi Arabia.

According to sources, the wedding ceremony will also be held in UAE and the UK next month because many friends of the Sharifs could not make it to Lahore.

Though it was a close family affair away from the public eye, selected footage is released to the media.



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