Shahid And Mira Name Their Firstborn. Here’s What Other Star Kids Are Going To Be Called

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10:57 pm 19 Sep, 2016

Desi internet portals have been abuzz with news of Shahid and Mira having named their child. Honestly, the Indian paparazzi seems to have lost the plot! People usually bring their newborn children home from hospitals, and, surprise surprise, they also eventually end up Christening them something or other.


There are those who think the name Misha (Mi from Mira + Sha from Shahid) is the cutest thing on planet Earth. Then there are those who think it’s been done to death this some letters from one name + more letters from the other. And then there are those who really really couldn’t care less.

There are also those who wonder what they’ll do when their next bundle of joy comes along?!!

kebab anyone?


While we’re on the subject, here’s a couple other couples whose future offspring would have some seriously weird hypothetical names:



The result would be the same if Deepika were to date Ranveer or Ranbir:

randy much


And finally, Mr Virginity himself. Salman bhai, nothing if not narcissistic!

sallu 2.0


Maybe we should all just be glad Shahid and Kareena didn’t get married and make babies. No child would be able to live down a name like Sha + Ka = Shaka. Never mind how much its parents loved each other!

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