11 Inspirational Quotes From Shah Rukh Khan’s Speech In Edinburgh

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5:19 pm 16 Oct, 2015

On 15th October, 2015, Shah Rukh Khan gave a very inspirational speech at a hotel in London. The ceremony was held to award Shah Rukh Khan a honorary doctorate from the United Kingdom’s University of Edinburgh  for his philanthropic work. When it comes to words, Shah Rukh Khan has a way with them and the sheer enormity of experiences he has had in his Bollywood journey transforms them into pearls of wisdom.


1. King Khan held the audience in awe with his ‘life lessons’. And gave a whole lot of reasons as to why he still rules the bylanes of Bollywood.



2. His speech was a perfect amalgamation of wisdom and humor.



3. Confusions lead to discoveries.



4. In other words, no matter how bad it gets, life is the miracle you are searching for.



5. Nobody will listen to your philosophies if you have anything to flaunt.



6. Without any fire, you won’t be able to give your 100 percent.



7. Live your dreams, you will feel dedicated towards your goals.



8. What made his speech even more endearing was him intercepting it with references from the movies he has done like ‘Deewana’, ‘Dil Se’, ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ among others.



9. If you will think of tomorrow or live your yesterday, you will lose your present.



10. Your insanities will surely make you stand out of the crowd.



11. Take a stand for yourself, make your dreams come true!


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