Shah Rukh Khan’s Remark On Salman’s Rape Comment Is Not So Justified. Bhai Supports Bhai

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6:23 pm 1 Jul, 2016

I have started hating Bollywood. Like real hate. I wonder why all of Salman’s friends are being diplomatic?


Be it Priyanka, Arbaaz Khan and the recent one to join his group of supporters, his closest friend and enemy, Shah Rukh Khan. Yes, the king is so afraid to speak against ‘Sultan’ and hence, he used his philosophical play of words to escape from getting into a controversy.

SRK was recently asked his view on Salman’s rape comment, he said:

“To be really honest, it is not about taking sides. I myself speak such a lot, who am I to judge him on this? Personally speaking, I don’t think I am anyone to comment on this. I am so inappropriate myself. I have said some really wrong things also, those who want to do something they decide it for themselves. Personally speaking, I don’t think I am anyone to be making a comment.”

A clean and nicely thought-out answer.



Well, I have few questions and answers for SRK, decoding what he actually said:

Are you really no one to judge?

You have a smart mind and understand what’s right and what’s wrong; then why are you hiding your real opinion?

Have you ever said something as inappropriate as Salman?

No, never. Otherwise, media would have crushed you as well.

Yes, Salman decided to say what we wanted to. But was his decision right?

An intense workout session cannot not be as torturous as rape.

I suppose SRK’s honest view was this:



A sad side of Bollywood.


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