A Hungry Beggar Asked SRK For Food. What Shah Rukh Did Next Will Make You Respect Him More

1:51 pm 10 Feb, 2017

The king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan not only rules the film industry because of his superhit films and fantastic acting skills, but also because of his generous and humble nature. In spite of all the stardom and glamor, SRK is a down-to-earth human being who tries to treat all of his fans equally.


If you are SRK’s fan, then this news about Shah Rukh’s generous act will double your love for him. After a wonderful dinner, Shah Rukh was going towards his car when a handicapped beggar came begging for food in front of him.

Seeing his condition, Shah Rukh Khan couldn’t control himself and kept his hand on the beggar’s head. SRK even asked his bodyguards to give the beggar food. Here is the video of the whole incident which is going viral on social media these days.


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