Today In WTF: Sexist Bollywood Makes Debutant Actress Sign ”No Dating Clause” But Not So For Co-Star Tiger Shroff

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2:11 pm 7 Oct, 2016

Niddhi Agerwal is the much-anticipated debutant actress starring opposite Tiger Shroff in an upcoming Viki Rajani movie ”Munna Michael” .  An ex-Femina contestant, Niddhi has been made to sign a bizarre ‘no dating clause’ until the film wraps up, and that extends beyond the limits of the sets. Tiger Shroff, who was already in news for one of his sexist comments, is not bound by any such contracts.




However, it seems like Niddhi is not the one to feel any sort of discrimination as she finds it as a mean to concentrate on her work.

“I had to read it [the contract] twice over to believe it, but I don’t really have a problem. I understand that the intention is that they want 100 per cent dedication from me. Not like I have a life beyond work in any case. My understanding of it is that the makers have included the clause because dating a co-star has become an easy publicity exercise for production houses. It takes the focus away from the film.

Now, I can put my phone away and practice for four hours without worrying about who’s calling me. It is a matter of five-six months and I am okay with it.”


So a woman dating someone outside her professional life can prove to be a distraction but it doesn’t hold true for a male actor for that matter. Why?


Producer Viki Rajani has an answer for that, but must I say, not so convincing.

“Tiger is already a star while this is Niddhi’s launch film. She is a bright girl and we don’t want her to get distracted. Sabbir (Khan, director) and I have seen real potential in her and this will do her good,” he says. When he was asked if it’s sexist to include such a clause, he said , “It’s not like we made her sign [the contract] at gunpoint. She agreed to it. It’s a big launch. She starts shooting on October 8 and will be done by February.”


Bollywood, of course, a debutante would agree to all terms and clauses when it comes to the launch of her first movie. But what sparks off the debate of sexism in Bollywood, is that the filmmakers are still stuck on to the mentality of an actress being ‘single’, ‘available’ and alluring  to make the male audience fall in love with her. How about her acting capabilities and performance? Out of the window, when it comes to Bollywood actresses still deeming to look like pretty background objects only meant to add ‘glamour’ in the movie.


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Long live, sexism in Bollywood.

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