15 Signs That You Are The Only One Serious In The Relationship, Not Him

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10:00 am 7 Feb, 2016

Have you been desperately trying to make your relationship work? Do you firmly believe that you’ve found the one and all looks good? Do you believe the match is made in heaven and blah, blah, blah… Then why, when you put your head on the pillow, the fear of being alone looms large over your head? Do you often feel that he/she might just walk away anytime, or that there is lack of effort from one side?

Stop fooling yourself and if you see any of these following signs, walk out, please do not wait to get dumped:


1. He never has the time to text you.

Look at it scientifically: out of 24 hours, he cannot spare 30 seconds for you. How long does it take to write a text?


2. The chase never seems to end.

One night he is the perfect boyfriend, the next morning he asks you to take things slow. Are you waiting for a written resignation?


3. Everything seems to revolve around his needs and desires.

Is there any place for you in his ‘me, me, world’?


4. Every time you want to be assertive, he backtracks and doesn’t commit to anything.

We hope you know that this technique is actually a form of mental abuse. Stop taking the blame!


5. You might be in love with him, but if he treats you like shit in public, walk away at the speed of light.

If he does not understand the importance of treating you right, what’s the point of being with him?


6. Your beliefs and ideals have little to no respect in his eyes.

Your hobby, your religious beliefs, your friends, everything is swept under the carpet.


7. You know that in the case of an emergency, you can never count on him being there.

He says that he supports you, but when you fall he is never there.


8. You have no clue of the people in his life.

If all you know is the names of his friends and have never met them after six months of dating, he is not serious at all. And you can forget about meeting his parents ever.


9. Everything you say gets misinterpreted and you end up giving lengthy explanations.

Time to stop running in circles and standing up for yourself.


10. He throws “Sorry” at you without an effort.

What is the point of apologizing if he keeps making the same mistakes again and again?


11. You feel exhausted most of the time, as if you are giving an exam every moment.

The walking on egg shells is draining you terribly.


12. The relationship seems to be more about physical intimacy and less about emotional intimacy.

The only time you seem to get compliments is when you are in bed.


13. The only time they take you out is on weekdays, never on a weekend or on a Sunday.

Have you ever wondered if they’re hiding anything you from?


14. He seems to be a super friendly guy on Facebook, but not with you.

Isn’t that an insult to your intelligence?


15. You cry several times in a month.

Are your tears really worthless? Think about it.


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