Member of Rajasthan State Women’s Commission Caught Taking Selfie With Rape Victim

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7:07 pm 30 Jun, 2016

In the picture, the woman, who has been identified as Somya Gurjar, is seen insensitively clicking a selfie with a rape victim while Rajasthan’s state commission for women commissioner Suman Sharma is sitting beside the victim.

The picture is said to have been taken while the two women were visiting the rape victim so to find out about her plight.


The victim had undergone unimaginable horror when she was raped by her husband and his two brothers.

To make matters worse, after raping the victim, the three had tattooed her forehead with expletives for not paying dowry of Rs.51,000.

The state commission for women is set up to provide a voice for women’s issues and concerns, but act like these only show how even people tasked to help such victims can be insensitive towards them.


When Commissioner Suman Sharma was asked about the picture she denied being aware of the selfie and said that at that time she was actually looking at a photo frame .

Though to save herself from further embarrassment, she has asked Somya Gurjar to give an written explanation for the act.

But the women are being slammed on Twitter:


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