Forget Selfie Sticks, Selfie Arms Will Help You Click Your Best Selfie Ever

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4:27 pm 21 Nov, 2015

Finding it hard to pose using a selfie stick?



Don’t worry, you heard it right. Selfie arms have arrived.  A Twitter user Mansun who felt uneasy using a selfie stick, invented a giant prosthetic arm that can easily be attached to your real arms and give the impression that you’re not using a selfie stick (supposedly).


So, here are few of his other pictures filled with selfie swag:

1. Selfie fever is reaching new heights!


2. Nothing big comes without a price. Extra money for custom made shirts


3. Even the Thakur of ‘Sholay’ would have bought this!



4. All hail the inventor!



Soon, Alia Bhatt and Sonam Kapoor would be contacting you, buddy!

Source: CollegeHumour


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